In this seminar, the focus is on teaching you the true path to living an empowered and abundant reality. You'll learn what it takes to tune into your power as a creator of reality and you'll be given the tools needed to shift the aspects of yourself that have been holding you back.


​This level 1 seminar is broken down into four 60-90 minute calls.

​Topics covered in this seminar include:

  • The fundamentals of how we create our reality.

  • How to develop a strong connection with your intuition and inner guidance.

  • The path to achieving effortless alignment.

  • How to audit your attraction point and identify your dominant conscious and subconscious blocks.

  • How to effectively deal with the fears and negative emotions holding you back.

  • The Belief Tree Process - A powerful process you can use to work through the blocks you've identified.

  • How to stop allowing the people or circumstances in your life from lowering your vibe or negatively impacting how you feel.

  • How to successfully move forward with purpose intent down the path you're here to live.

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