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Spring Detox for your Mind and your Body

Spring Detox for your Mind and your Body


Are you ready to clear your mind and body of toxins that are not serving you?  Living a happy, healthy life all begins with your environment. Your environment includes the food you eat, what you drink, what you feed your mind, your thought patterns and emotions.  This Spring Detox not only detoxifies your body through nutrition, but it also detoxifies your mind by identifying thought patterns that keep you stuck in negative emotions, blocks, and limiting beliefs. We will use various tools and techniques throughout the 5 weeks to get in tune with your mind and body and release blocks and limiting thought patterns.


This is a 5 week on-line group detox.  The detox will include the following:

  • The program will begin with background information of the detox for the mind and how the subconscious works.  Blocks and limiting beliefs are stored in the subconscious mind which create thought patterns and trigger emotions. We will be using various techniques to identify and release these blocks and limiting beliefs.

  • Everyone will begin the Mind Body Fix smoothie detox together. This is a 5 day green smoothie detox but can be extended to 7 days, if you choose. The detox will include daily self-hypnosis and meditation to sync the mind and the body. A keto version of the detox will also be available upon request.

  • In the second session, we will do an Attraction Point Audit to discover dominant negative emotions and how these emotional patterns are impacting your life.

  • In the remaining group sessions, we will explore the connection of emotions and the body and tune into these emotions. I will use various techniques and teachings such as Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) and hypnosis to discover blocks and underlying issues and release them. You will receive a hypnosis recording to listen to for at least 21 days after the group RTT session.

  • One private one-on-one session with Amanda to further clear limiting beliefs and blocks.

  • Hypnosis, meditations and other tools to detox the mind and body. These will be provided to do on your own time in between the group sessions.

  • I will provide tips and support in a private Facebook group and you can also connect with other people in the program.

  • The value of this program and all of the tools is over $800.

  • This 5 week on-line group course with a 1:1 session and all of these additional tools is being offered for $400. 


A spring detox has been part of my regimen for the last 10 years and I can't wait to go on this journey with you. Invest in yourself and get in sync with your mind and body!


 Weekly on-line group sessions begin Tuesday 7 PM EST, April 26th.  Sessions will be via Zoom and will last 60 to 90 minutes. Sessions will be recorded and available to watch later.


Zoom sessions 7 PM EST on the following Tuesdays:

April 26

May 3

May 10

May 17

May 24

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