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Tired of the yo-yo dieting? 

Tired of psyching yourself out of staying on course?

Do you know how to lose weight but need help with your mindset?

Need help establishing a healthy lifestyle game plan?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, keep reading…


This 6-week virtual course is designed to show you how to ditch yo-yo dieting and live free. We have combined nutritional facts, lifestyle habits, mindset shifting and intuitive mind-body practices to provide you with the ultimate Mind Body Fix experience to help you ditch yo-yo dieting and live free.


This 6-week course focuses on several components:  

Detox & Supplements!  You will be provided with a comprehensive 5-Day Detox (including recipes) to start on Week 1, along with an extensive review of suggested supplements to consume.  In addition we will review the fundamentals of a detox and proper supplementation, coupled with intuitive mind-body connection modalities.   

21 Day Fix Meal Plan! You will be provided with a comprehensive 21- Day Fix Meal Plan (including recipes) to start on week 2.

Shift your Mindset! You will be provided with tools such as hypnosis, meditation, and belief clearing to shift your mindset.

Learn It! Each week you will be introduced to new nutrition fundamentals along with food sources for each topic covered. 

Live it! Each week you will learn lifelong approaches to diet and intuitive mind-body balancing modalities to help you see quick results and shift your mindset. 


The key to your Mind-Body success is right at your fingertips... SIGN UP TODAY!

Sessions via Zoom August 12th to September 16th 7:00 - 8:30 pm EST.