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Transformation Program

What has you stuck?


Do you feel like your life is a constant struggle and repeat of old patterns, situations, thoughts and feelings? Do you feel like no matter what you do, you don’t feel fulfilled or passionate about your life?


It’s likely caused by old thought patterns and beliefs from your past. Whether you’re aware of them or not, they are there running in the background of your subconscious mind. These subconscious beliefs shape your perspective and how you see and experience the world. 


Positive thoughts and affirmations can be layered on top in the conscious mind, but triggers or circumstances will bring up those old negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions that have been stored in your subconscious mind. To get freedom from these automatic patterns, you need to clear the negative thought patterns, beliefs and emotions. This is what gives you freedom and access to true happiness and joy.


As we clear the layers of blocks, you will feel freer and lighter and you will have access to more joy, happiness, fun, and even play… yes, play… you may feel free like a child again - wouldn’t that be amazing?


Are you ready to breakthrough your blocks and empower yourself to live a life of freedom?

Transformation Coaching Program Overview

"Be prepared to meet a new version of yourself every time you shed another layer of old trauma/conditioning/hurt. as you let go, your likes, dislikes, perspectives and interests will shift. transformation is natural as you travel the road to greater self-awareness, happiness and peace."  
- Yung Pueblo

Learn more about How to Tame Your Overthinking Mind and have freedom in your life with a free copy of my ebook.

Tame your Overthinking Mind ebook download

Client Testimonial

"Life is meant to be happy, abundant, fun and easy, but I didn’t completely believe that was all possible for me, until I met Amanda! Her approach really resonated with me! I felt an instant connection on our first video call and I knew she was meant to be my mentor! Fast forward a few months later, after the work we did together, I’m now a new, improved, happier version of myself because of it! Thanks to the guidance and support Amanda provided me with, after 18 years of struggle, feeling stuck and sinking in negative self-talk, I finally feel excited for my future, and to live in each moment! It feels easier to be happy and love myself, and I believe, more so than ever, that I hold the power to create the life I truly want! Every single week I looked forward to seeing Amanda; she was the positive light I needed in my life; very supportive, a great listener and had a very calming approach to helping me re-frame my beliefs and perspectives, into more self-serving ones! Being coached by Amanda, was such a positive experience, and was truly one of the best investments I’ve made in my life! You really have to experience the transformation for yourself to fully understand what’s possible for you, but if you’re wanting change, open to sharing yourself and willing to put in the work, I highly recommend embarking on your own journey! I know that I would not be in such a happy place overall, without her expertise and guidance! Thank You Amanda, from the bottom of my heart, and I’m beyond grateful for my whole experience! Dream big and put happiness first!"

- Ashley

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