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4 Week Program


Are you ready to live a life of alignment and experience more joy and happiness? It all starts with the inner relationship of you and you. Once you have this inner relationship, all other relationships and life fall into place with ease. Life can become magical when you release resistance and you live in flow.


My signature program working one-on-one with clients is a 3 month program. To have lasting transformation, consistency in releasing resistance is key. For a limited time, I'm offering a 4 Week "Mini" Program that gives you a sample of what is possible when working with me over a period of time. Each session is valuable and we will release resistance and you will see improvements. Here's the thing you need to know - your old beliefs, feelings, and patterns of focus have momentum - which means, you've experienced those old thoughts & feelings long enough that they are very familiar to you and it may be easy for you to slip back into those old patterns of thoughts and emotions. You will never get as low as you were before the session, but consistency is needed to achieve the kind of  steadiness that will allow you to realize your desires in their fullness.

Trust me that this is not hard work - this is a JOY-FILLED journey of self-discovery and empowerment! You'll be eager for these transformational sessions - each week you will feel better and better and your life experience will continue to improve.


Details about the 4 Week Program:

  • Each session will be approximately one hour and will be done via Zoom.

  • You will receive meditation and hypnosis recordings to listen to on your own.

  • The value of this program and all of the tools is over $1,000.

  • This 4 Week Program and all of these additional tools is being offered for $300. 

  • If you decide to continue past the 4 weeks, you will receive a discount on the 3 month program.

Still not sure? Try out the the meditation and hypnosis audios for free. I'll send you the audio files and you can get a sense of my vibe. 

  • Morning Meditation 

  • Hypnosis to connect with the Inner Child

  • Hypnosis to connect to the Inner Being

  • Hypnosis to sync up the Inner Child and the Inner Being


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